All New Dealer Experience In Your Palm.

A one stop shop for all dealers, buy and sell cars in a complete digital auction, using AI and Machine learning to simply the process.



More than 450 dealers use us for selling & buying cars

An all new experience for dealers and fleet owners.

Completely digital car auction and fleet auction platform for dealers to engage with, discover dealer based services such as warranties, inspections and more.

Digital Auction Platform

Extend dealer offerings with acceptance of trade-ins, simply list and sell cars within 15 minutes, digital inspections and valuations, complete onsite inspections, warranties on purchase and more.

Selections without limits

Find cars from top makes and models which are
digitally inspected and posted for you to bid on.

Quick Actions

Sell cars within 15 minutes from hosting an auctions. Super fast.

Easy Buying

Easy transfer and managed purchase process.

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure platform to list and auction in.

We are trusted by hundreds of dealers

Lean on Dealers by Alba to maximize the value of your cars within minutes.


minutes to sell your car

An auction that can start from 15 minutes are
notified to all our dealers which helps you get
the best value.


market share of dealers

We host one of the largest networks of dealers
that are activity buying and selling cars on our platform daily.


managed process

Simply list and sell, we offer a completely
managed solution for dealers to quickly run a digital inspection and post the car, we take care of the rest.


based solution for car recognition

we are using Ai and machine learning to make the inspection and car listing process easier and faster, our team of developers are constantly innovating.

Doesn't get faster than this. Real time bidding

Participate and engage in our real time LIVE auctions, that allow users to place bids instantly and compete with other bidders anonymously.

Live Auctions

Get your car sold in record time with our live auctions, allowing dealers to increase car inventory rotation and profitability.

Blind Bidding

Perfect solution for fleet owners to list cars in bulk quickly and easily, with fully managed options.

We are feature packed

Manage Cars
Manage multiple cars in one place
Ai Based Car Recognition
Ai based car inspection & recognition
Instant Digital Valuation
Instant valuation with Artificial intelligence
Auction Hosting & Managing
Quick car turn around time to increase ROI
Fleet Auction Hosting
Bid with biggest fleet operators in the UAE
Doc Vault Management
Manage car documentation in one place

Stay tuned &
Build your business.

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